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We offer two weeks free holiday per year off nursery fees

We give two weeks 'holiday' entitlement per year where you will not be charged any nursery fees. These can be taken flexibly around your families needs!

Nursery Education Grant (NEG).. 30 hours from September 2017

This is a grant for ALL three and four year old's that provides 15 Hours or 30 hours per week funded childcare. This is a government grant in place to prepare children for school at one of the most important ages in a child's stage of learning and development, this is why this grant is available to all three and four year old's. From September 2017, we have signed up to deliver the 30 hours funded hours (For the 30 hours funded hours please register by clicking here)

Unlike primary schools, we have three intake dates each academic year. We have an intake at the start of every new term; January, April and September. Children are eligible for this funding at the first intake after their third birthday.

Children aged two may now be entitled to free childcare

The Overton Nursery & Pre-School Centre has been approved by The Education Department as an approved centre to provide the 2 year old funded sessions.

Please get in touch with us via telephone, email or pop in! All the information can be found below or on our 'Contact Us' page

How do we offer funded hours different to other settings

We offer all funded hours flexible,  that means you don't have to take either 5 mornings 9-12 or 5 afternoons 1-4 (unless this suits your needs) you can take these hours however you like to best fit your childcare needs. Some families have taken the hours as a 9-3 "School Day Session" to best fit around their working commitments. 

"Why work around us, When we can work around you!"

Save yourself money with childcare vouchers!

Childcare vouchers are an approved method for paying for nursery fees, through your works payroll department. You set an amount that payroll deduct each month from your wages before tax,  reducing your tax contribution - extra savings for you, free of charge!

We accept all childcare vouchers! Ask the nursery staff for more information!

Did You Know...

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